Sunday, June 24, 2012



I am not from Bacoor.  But being a resident of Cavite for almost seven years now, I like Bacoor to be a city also.  They wanted this for a long time now.  With the plebiscite held yesterday, I hope the result is a majority of a YES.

Get well soon, Pidol

got this picture online
Now that everyday there is news about Dolphy’s health, I cannot deny that I am sad and affected.  I hope that he gets well soon.  I have been watching him from John en Marsha to Home Along da Riles to his movies.  He is really a very good comedian.  I pray for you and your family.  I hope you get through this part of your lives.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

SAHM no more

I blogged early this month that it is now 15 years that I am in the corporate world. And because of fast events in my previous company, I immediately became an SAHM.  I have no regrets.  I have wanted to become one.  I have accepted the fact that I cannot be one permanently.  I enjoyed this chance.

For three weeks that I stayed at home, I accomplished several things:
     1. Two dental visits for cleaning and filling.

     2. Eye check-up.  I was finally able to purchase contact lenses.

     3. Ear check-up.  Nothing is wrong with my ears.  I just had them checked for there might be some impacted cerumen.

     4. Job hunting.  I did this online.  I had gone several examinations and interviews.

     5. Since I got an offer from item #4, I prepared the pre-employment requirements – NBI clearance, re-applied for SSS ID replacement, changed my home RDO for my TIN, and others.

     6. General house cleaning.  Disposed old clothes, old shoes, defective appliances, and others.

     7. Yaya hunting.  Our household help left last April so we looked for a replacement.  This is one is the hardest from the tasks I did.  I’m crossing my fingers if the one we got from an agency is good.

     8. Finish a 500pcs jigsaw puzzle and 50% done on the second puzzle.

     9. I have not finished, but I continued my Last Supper cross stitch project.

     10. I personally attended to the needs of my son, accompanied him to school and fetched him.

     11. Tried to improve my cooking skills for hubby.

There are still several items to do in my list.  At least, I have accomplished much already. 

My SHAM stint was short but very productive.  For now, I am wishing myself good luck on my new work tomorrow.  Everything is ready including me! :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hassle Free NBI Clearance Application

One of the requirements when working is an NBI Clearance.  NBI is now using the new Biometric Clearance System.  The system includes scanning all fingers of the applicant.

For my clearance, I chose to have it using the e-clearance and here are the steps I did:
1. Pay NBI clearance application through GCASH.  Since I have a GCASH, I just used my phone to pay.  I paid P135 for since my purpose is for local employment.

To pay through GCASH, simply type “Amount” <space> MPIN send to 28829175638053.

If you don’t have GCASH, you can pay through Globe Payment Centers available in malls.

You will receive a Reference Number for your payment and you have to take note on this.

2. Fill up the application form online.  Go to link for the form.  Your will need your reference number here.  When the online application is successful, a QR code is provided and you need to print it.

3. Set an appointment with NBI.  You need to text for the booking.
Text: “Book” <space> reference number mmddyyyy hhmm Name
Send to 09175638054.

You will not receive a confirmation message for this.

In my experience, I booked for a 2PM appointment but I came earlier.  Booking schedule was not followed.

4. Go to the appointment.  Proceed immediately to the e-Clearance lane at the NBI Clearance Center in UN Avenue – 4th floor.  You will need a print out of your QR code and a valid ID.  I presented my passport for this.  Just wait for your name to be called for the biometrics procedures.  A receipt will be given with the releasing date at the back.

5. Get your clearance.  On the releasing date, proceed to the Releasing section.  This is just for the printing for your clearance and would be very fast.

I am sharing this so that others will learn the e-Clearance.  It’s so fast!  There is no need to fall in line and wait too long.

For more information about the e-Clearance, you can check

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mommy Tip: How to Memorize Colors in Filipino

My kid being first time to have a Filipino subject in school is having difficulty on memorizing the colors in Filipino.  The colors are:
   Red – Pula
   Green – Berde o Luntian
   Pink – Rosas
   White – Puti
   Yellow – Dilaw
   Brown – Tsokolate
   Violet – Ube o Lila
   Blue – Asul
   Orange – Lila
   Black – Itim

It’s been two days now that we are reviewing this topic but he is still confused.  He even cried out of frustration why he cannot learn it fast unlike his other subjects.  To help him, I asked him to remember the colors of his favorite cartoon characters.  Spongebob Squarepants is dilaw.  Spiderman is pula.  Captain America is asul.  Hulk and Ben10 are berde.  Hulk’s pants are ube. Garfield is kahel.  We also use Filipino when referring to colors in our daily conversations to practice him.

Hay! This is just the start.  I myself do not like this subject.  But this is the native tongue so we also need to learn it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

HP All-in-One Printer

We recently purchased HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2060 All-in-One Printer - K110a for our use at home specifically for my kids use in school.  What were our considerations in getting this printer?
1.  It is an all in one printer.  You can copy, scan, and print in one device.    Copying is just merely copying.  You cannot resize or enlarge.  
2.  Cost is within our budget.  We got it for P3990 only!
3.  Inks are affordable.  Black and colored inks are less than P400 each.

We are happy with this printer and we are looking forward to using this for years as my kid is just starting his school.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Yakimix is my favorite eat-all-you-can restaurant to date.  They have a lot of branches like in MOA and Trinoma but I have only tried their Greenbelt branch.

I love the food. I love the smokeless grill. I love the food choices especially the sushi bar and desserts.  The price is also just right for an eat all you can.

Picture taking on the food area is not allowed.  Sharing what I have.

We will definitely visit Yakimix over and over again.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Applying for SSS Replacement ID

I am not connected to SSS.  I am sharing my experience on applying for SSS Replacement identification card.

I was in Makati last Monday and my meeting finished earlier than I expected that I decided to pass by SSS Ayala Makati office.  I have been reading online on how to do this.  Though I have downloaded the E-6 form from SSS website, I was asked to fill up a new form.

Here are the procedures:
1. Secure a number from the security guard and wait for your turn.  I arrived 12:45 in the afternoon and the employees are on lunch break.  The number last served was #1 and I was #83.  I have prepared myself for long queue so it is okay with me. Tip: The employees are not calling the numbers.  You have to watch out for your own number.  If in case your number was skipped, you have to get a new number and wait again.  After 2 hours of waiting, my number is served.

2. Fill-up SSS form E-6.  Use a black ball pen. Complete all details.

3. When it is your turn to be served, present your SSS form E-6, valid identification cards (a list is available at the back of the form) and an affidavit of loss.  I brought my passport, TIN, postal ID, company ID, birth and marriage certificate but the SSS employee validated me through my passport only.

4. The SSS employee will give you a payment form and you will be asked to pay for the replacement ID that is worth P300.  I made my payment through Union Bank in their nearest branch in Ayala.

5. Went back to the SSS employee who served you and was endorsed to the picture capturing section.

6. Then the last step is the picture capturing.

7. Wait for the delivery of the SSS id in the preferred delivery address you checked in the form.  Note:  As the SSS employee would say, there is no estimate when will it be delivered.

I hope will be of help to those who will apply for SSS replacement identification card.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

15 years in the Corporate World

Today marks my 15th year in the corporate world specifically in the IT industry.  From an innocent and naïve nene, a newly graduate of a university in Manila, I got a programming job in a local bank.  Then, I jump from one company to another.  For the 15 years, I had 5 companies; two of them are local banks.  I pray and hope that the companies will be 6 by this month.  I had several positions, stepping one step at the ladder.  I had two retrenchments and two separation pays.

Through the years, several things had changed:
I go to work in blouse and pencil cut skirt uniforms with blazer, wearing shoes with heels and stockings.
I go to work in casual attires – maong jeans, shirts, rubber shoes or sandals.

Corporate emails are for managers only.
Everyone has their own corporate emails.

Desktop computers are used with floppy disks.
Laptops are in.  Desktop computers are with flash and CD drives.

Communications are mostly using emails and local phones.
Communications are in emails, instant messaging, video conferencing and chat.

I memorized all landline and local numbers of people I regularly call.
I don’t even memorize my own number!

Beepers are in.
Everyone is into smart phone except me! 

Lunch outs mean Jollibee, Mcdo or KFC.
Lunch outs mean eating in Ayala Triangle or Greenbelt.

I dreamt of becoming a stay at home mom but I have accepted the fact that I need to help the family.  I will be in this corporate world as long as I am needed, I loved it and I enjoy it.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Crocs Megasale 2012

I initially do not plan to visit this sale event.  But since I will be in Global City on June 1, might as well see this.  It’s up to 90% OFF! That would be a lot of discount!  You might be interested too! Sayang naman! :)

The event starts today, June 1 until June 3, 2012, 10am to 10pm at NBC Tent, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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