Friday, June 15, 2012

Hassle Free NBI Clearance Application

One of the requirements when working is an NBI Clearance.  NBI is now using the new Biometric Clearance System.  The system includes scanning all fingers of the applicant.

For my clearance, I chose to have it using the e-clearance and here are the steps I did:
1. Pay NBI clearance application through GCASH.  Since I have a GCASH, I just used my phone to pay.  I paid P135 for since my purpose is for local employment.

To pay through GCASH, simply type “Amount” <space> MPIN send to 28829175638053.

If you don’t have GCASH, you can pay through Globe Payment Centers available in malls.

You will receive a Reference Number for your payment and you have to take note on this.

2. Fill up the application form online.  Go to link for the form.  Your will need your reference number here.  When the online application is successful, a QR code is provided and you need to print it.

3. Set an appointment with NBI.  You need to text for the booking.
Text: “Book” <space> reference number mmddyyyy hhmm Name
Send to 09175638054.

You will not receive a confirmation message for this.

In my experience, I booked for a 2PM appointment but I came earlier.  Booking schedule was not followed.

4. Go to the appointment.  Proceed immediately to the e-Clearance lane at the NBI Clearance Center in UN Avenue – 4th floor.  You will need a print out of your QR code and a valid ID.  I presented my passport for this.  Just wait for your name to be called for the biometrics procedures.  A receipt will be given with the releasing date at the back.

5. Get your clearance.  On the releasing date, proceed to the Releasing section.  This is just for the printing for your clearance and would be very fast.

I am sharing this so that others will learn the e-Clearance.  It’s so fast!  There is no need to fall in line and wait too long.

For more information about the e-Clearance, you can check


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