Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Applying for SSS Replacement ID

I am not connected to SSS.  I am sharing my experience on applying for SSS Replacement identification card.

I was in Makati last Monday and my meeting finished earlier than I expected that I decided to pass by SSS Ayala Makati office.  I have been reading online on how to do this.  Though I have downloaded the E-6 form from SSS website, I was asked to fill up a new form.

Here are the procedures:
1. Secure a number from the security guard and wait for your turn.  I arrived 12:45 in the afternoon and the employees are on lunch break.  The number last served was #1 and I was #83.  I have prepared myself for long queue so it is okay with me. Tip: The employees are not calling the numbers.  You have to watch out for your own number.  If in case your number was skipped, you have to get a new number and wait again.  After 2 hours of waiting, my number is served.

2. Fill-up SSS form E-6.  Use a black ball pen. Complete all details.

3. When it is your turn to be served, present your SSS form E-6, valid identification cards (a list is available at the back of the form) and an affidavit of loss.  I brought my passport, TIN, postal ID, company ID, birth and marriage certificate but the SSS employee validated me through my passport only.

4. The SSS employee will give you a payment form and you will be asked to pay for the replacement ID that is worth P300.  I made my payment through Union Bank in their nearest branch in Ayala.

5. Went back to the SSS employee who served you and was endorsed to the picture capturing section.

6. Then the last step is the picture capturing.

7. Wait for the delivery of the SSS id in the preferred delivery address you checked in the form.  Note:  As the SSS employee would say, there is no estimate when will it be delivered.

I hope will be of help to those who will apply for SSS replacement identification card.


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