Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mommy Tip: How to Memorize Colors in Filipino

My kid being first time to have a Filipino subject in school is having difficulty on memorizing the colors in Filipino.  The colors are:
   Red – Pula
   Green – Berde o Luntian
   Pink – Rosas
   White – Puti
   Yellow – Dilaw
   Brown – Tsokolate
   Violet – Ube o Lila
   Blue – Asul
   Orange – Lila
   Black – Itim

It’s been two days now that we are reviewing this topic but he is still confused.  He even cried out of frustration why he cannot learn it fast unlike his other subjects.  To help him, I asked him to remember the colors of his favorite cartoon characters.  Spongebob Squarepants is dilaw.  Spiderman is pula.  Captain America is asul.  Hulk and Ben10 are berde.  Hulk’s pants are ube. Garfield is kahel.  We also use Filipino when referring to colors in our daily conversations to practice him.

Hay! This is just the start.  I myself do not like this subject.  But this is the native tongue so we also need to learn it.


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