Monday, April 30, 2012

Merry Month of May

The month of May is my favorite month in a year.  It is a special for me as there are several occasions that are close my heart that make me happy and celebrate.

May 1 is Labor Day, a holiday, happy because of no work!

Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May) a month long celebration for Catholics in honor of Mama Mary.   I grew up attending the afternoon praying of the rosary and offering of flowers to the Virgin Mary.  I used do it every day for the whole month on May with my siblings and playmates.  We would make a wish to Mama Mary and tried complete the attendance.  Then on the last day, a Santacruzan is organized.  I don’t like much to participate is Santacruzan as the sagala but I like to see the sagalas in their beautiful gowns.

May is my birthday month.  Though birthday means getting older, there are lots of reasons to celebrate.  I’m so thankful for another year given to me and for the so many blessings I received.  I am so blessed with good health, nice work, beautiful family and a happy life.

May 13 is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima, the image of Mama Mary that I usually pray to since I was a child.  It was on this day where the Our Lady of Fatima first appeared to three children (Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia) and was asked to pray the rosary for world peace.

May 15 is the Feast Day of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of the farmers.  It is also Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon where farmers thank San Isidro for bountiful harvest.  Every year, there is a contest for the most beautiful house decorated with fruits, vegetables, kipings and others.  Kiping is leaf shaped decoration in different colors and made of rice.  It can be fried and eaten.

May 30 is the Feast of St. Ferdinand and Lucena City Town Fiesta and a very festive occasion.  Days before the actual fiesta, there are several activities in the city town proper like Mardi Gras and Pasayahan sa Lucena, street concerts, lots of food and others.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Volet's Resort and Hotel

Here’s an option for places to go this summer – Volet’s Resort and Hotel in Dasmariñas, Cavite.  It is located in Aguinaldo Highway, almost in front of Waltermart Dasma.

Our family visits this resort almost every year and we notice there are improvements in their facilities during our visits.  They have lots of swimming pools, big and small, for adults and kids.  They have huge slides, pool with waves, pool running water similar to a river and Olympic size swimming pools.  There are lots of cottages of different sizes to choose from.  The rates are depending on the cottage size.  You can bring food inside without extra fee.  You can grill inside if you like.  You just have to bring your own charcoal and food to grill of course.  If you also do not want to cook, you can buy food outside.  There is Mang Inasal outside and of course Waltermart has Jollibee, McDonalds and KFC.  There is also ample space for parking.

Some photos I have taken from our visits:
lots of slides
Pool with waves
Olympic size swimming pool
More cottages

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Litratong Pinoy: Malapit nang itapon

Malapit ko nang itapon ang aking rosas na fruitslim-gel na pansulat.  Ito ang katuwang ko sa aking trabaho araw-araw.  Madalas ko itong ginagamit sa mga pagpupulong sa opisina at pagwawasto ng mga dokumento ng aking mga kasama sa grupo.  Ako ay natutuwa sa tuwing ginagamit ko ito dahil nagagandahan ako sa kulay. Madalas pa ay pinagtatawanan ako ng aking mga kasamang lalaki lalo na kapag ginamit ko ang pansulat na ito sa pagwawasto ng kanilang mga dokumento. Malimit akong biruin na reregaluhan nila ako ng ibang pangsulat sa ibang kulay dahil maari na daw silang mapagkalamang homoseksuwal pag may nakakita sa kanila binabasa ang mga dokumentong sinulatan ko ng aking pansulat.  Ngunit paborito ko talaga ang kulay rosas.  Para sa akin, ang aking trabaho ay nagiging madali at nakakabas ng pagod kapag ginagamit ko ang pansulat na ito. Nakakalungkot man at malapit na itong maubos at itapon ngunit ito naman ay mura lamang at maari pa ulit akong makabili nito.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I Like and Dislike About Facebook

I joined Facebook in 2008 (Thanks to timeline!). For the past four years, I have seen the changes and upgrades.  Users evolve as FB evolves.  From these, I like and dislike some things about Facebook.

I like FB because ..
.. there is opportunity to connect to families and friends abroad and to those who you cannot see all the time.  My siblings are OFWs and get to follow my son’s developments and activities through the pictures I post.  I also took advantage of FB to reconnect to family members that are not so close.  Chatting with them and through my and their updates make me feel closer to them in some ways.

.. you get the chance to greet friends during important occasions without spending much for phone calls.  Though it would be more personal if you greet them personally.  

.. you get the chance to know the news.  Many users are very prompt in posting pictures or updates when there are storms, no classes announcement, and the like and even news of mall sales.

.. you get to know the latest trends for gadgets and fashion.

.. you get to learn new travel destinations and tips.

.. you get a chance to be an entrepreneur.  You can sell some items to friends or announce that you are selling some items.

I dislike FB because ..
.. there are some users are never invisible.  They are those who keep on checking in wherever they go even when they are just buying at a fast food or waiting for a shuttle to go home.  For me, why are they making a big deal out of it when nothing is happening uniquely on their activities?

.. there are users who never chooses pictures to post.  One should evaluate if photos to post are pleasing to the eyes of the viewers.  Imagine yourself as the viewer; of course you don’t want to see blurred pictures or pictures that have not been rotated properly.  I myself do not want to see pictures of gallstones after a cholecystectomy procedure or pictures while one is giving birth normally with all the blood and almost showing sensitive parts. 

.. it’s becoming a venue to show off what you have.  Some things should not be discussed online most especially its money matters.  For me, users should not talk about how much is his new mobile phone or house online. 

.. some uses FB to outburst their emotions.  There are times that one has conflicts with friends, at work or within the family and uses FB to release what they feel or make “parinig” to other persons.  For me, issues and differences should be talked about outside FB, better if conducted and resolved in a meeting.

Though there are things I dislike about Facebook, I still continue to use it.  I am taking the advantages of it and I make myself a responsible user.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

I am joining the My Zalora Wishlist Contest, my first time to join my blog in a contest. 

I have the following in my wish list:

Sassa - Shirt Rashguard

Sassa - Tankini Spandex


Cocotini - Maxi Tube Cover-up

Cocotini - maxi cover-up

I am wishing for swimming attires simply because I want to enjoy summer again!  Since I became a mom six years ago, my old shape did not went back to its old form, I became lazy to dress up that includes wearing a swimsuit.  I join family outings and office summer outings all the time but I do not wear swimsuits and not even swim.  I just enjoy myself through taking pictures.  I just could not take showing my skin with all the bulges and stretch marks.

This year, though my body hasn’t changed much, I want to enjoy summer.  I want to enjoy the water again.  I want to enjoy my birthday in May and Mother’s Day as well.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Summer Camp at Vel Maris School

Here’s another option for your kids to do this summer.  Vel Maris School in Dasmariñas, Cavite has summer camp for this year 2012.  The camp offers basketball, volleyball, badminton, taekwondo, chess, dance workshop, art workshop and writing workshop.  The fee is Php1500 per participant per workshop.  It is open to all even for non-Vel Marians.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Lady of Peñafrancia Parish, Lucena City

I have seen this place since I was a kid.  I have seen it grow. From a small chapel, it was renovated to now a very beautiful fully air conditioned church and now a parish -- Our Lady of Peñafrancia Parish in Lucena City. 

If you happen to be in Lucena, you might want to visit this church.  It's inside Capistrano Subdivision in Barangay Gulang-gulang. Pray to the Our Lady of Peñafrancia.  I'm sure the parish would gladly welcome you there.

Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Learn to Swim Clinics

For this summer, Jardin de Dasmariñas Resort & Restaurant offers the following swimming classes:

1. Water Safety (Toddlers) for 3 to 6yo - P3,300
2. Basic Swim for 7yo and above - P2,800
3. Advance Swim for 7yo and above - P2,800
4. Competitive Swim for 7yo and above - P2,800
5. Basic Life Saving and Rescue - P4000

Each class is 1 hour per session for 10 days.

6. Sports Arnis for 7yo and above - P2,800
7. Combative Arnis for 7yo and above - P3,000

Each class is 1.5 hour per session for 12 days.

Jardin de Dasmariñas is in Sabang, of course in Dasmariñas City, Cavite.  To go there, from Dasma Bayan, you can take a jeep going to Imus palengke.  Take the jeepneys that will pass through Sabang not Aguinaldo Highway. Jardin de Dasmariñas is on the right side nearly in front of Parklane Subdivision.

For inquiries, you can contact: (046) 4160037/09272925708.
Checkout their facebook page:

We will be enrolling our kid in the water safety class next week! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

School Hunting in Dasmariñas City

If you’re from the South and looking for possible schools for your kiddos, this may be of help.   This post is based on my own experiences, inquiries and opinions and mostly on preschoolers and Grade 1 only as it’s my primary concern as of this time.

Holy Child Jesus Montessori
Gate 1 Villa Catalina Subd.
Dasmariñas City, Cavite
Tel. No: (046) 481-7848 / 432-0035

Holy Child has three buildings.  First is the Main Building that is located on the right side at Don P. Campos St. if you are coming from Dasmarinas Bayan and almost in front of Iglesia ni Kristo church.  The Main Building is for Nursery, Kinder 1, some Grades 1, 2 and 3 students. Second is the NKP building that is inside Villa Catalina, very near the tricycle terminal for their Kinder 2 and Prep students.  Last, the Annex Building is in Villa Luisa Phase IV used by some Grade 1-3, 4-6 and high school students.  

NKP, Grade 1-6 and High School

Tuition Fee for School Year 2011-2012 (Pre-school):
Tuition fee: P10,000
Miscellaneous fees: P6000

Mode of Payment: 
1. Cash Basis – fully payment upon enrollment or not later than May 30 of the current school year and entitled to a 10% discount.
2. Monthly – Tuition fees paid every 5th of the month.

Other info:
1. It’s a school in a subdivision.  If you’re living nearby, safety is okay.
2. Traditional school. 
3. Nursery is for 3yo kids and first timers in school.  Kinder1 is for 4yo kids and first timers in school. Kinder2 is for kids who had Nursery. Prep is for 5-5 ½ yo who had either Kinder1 or Kinder2.  Kinder1 students may skip Kinder2 if they are well performing in school and will take the Summer Enrichment Program.
4. For Nursery and Kinder, there are assistant teachers for each class.
5. NKP schedule of classes: 8-10am, 10:30am-12:30pm, 1 to 3pm
6. Books and notebooks are bought in school.
7. All classrooms are air conditioned.
8. Science subject is offered starting Grade 4.
9. For the facilities, each of the buildings has a small canteen.  All offices are in the Annex Building including the gymnasium at the rooftop where school events are made.
10. No tuition fee increase of school year 2012 – 2013.

Vel Maris School
Km30 E. Aguinaldo Hi-way
Dasmariñas, Cavite
Tel. No: (046) 416-4563/416-3272

Vel Maris is located along Aguinaldo Hi-way, coming from Manila, it’s located on the left side after Meralco Dasma.  

Pre-School, Complete Elementary and Secondary

Tuition Fee for School Year 2011-2012:
Pre-School & Grade 1:
Tuition Fee:   P22,500
Other Fees: P1905,00
Total: P34,195

Grade 2-6:
Tuition Fee:   P21,675
Other Fees: P1570,00
Total: P33,035

1st Year:
Tuition Fee:   P21,175
Other Fees: P1035,00
Total: P33,000

2nd Year to 4th Year:
Tuition Fee:   P21,675
Other Fees: P1035,00
Total: P32,500

Mode of Payment: 
1. Full Payment - entitled to a 10% discount
2. Semestral – Miscellaneous and other fees upon enrollment; tuition fees to be paid by June and December of current school year.  Entitled to a 5% discount.
3. Monthly – Miscellaneous and other fees upon enrollment; tuition fees to be paid every month of the current school year.

School Facilities:
Chapel, Library, HE, Medical/Dental Clinic, Computer Laboratories, Guidance Office, School Laboratories, AV Room, Speech Laboratory, Printing Rooms, Transport Services, Security Services, Canteens, Lockers, Basketball Court, Amphitheater, Student Lounge, Playground, Parking Area, Tutorial Services
basketball court

HS building



Other info:
1. Traditional school. 
2. Schedule of classes: NKP 8-11am; Grade1 7am-1pm
3. Books are bought in school.  I’m not sure of the notebooks. Uniforms may or may not be bought in school.
4. Science subject is offered starting preschool.
5. Stickers for cars can be bought for P200 that is valid for the current school year.

St. Francis School
Langkaan, Dasmariñas, Cavite
Tel. No: (046) 402-1098/1328

St. Francis School is at the right side if you’re going to Trece Martires at Governor’s Drive from Robinson’s Dasma.  It’s located before FCIE.

Kinder 1 & 2, Grade School – Grades 1-6, High School – 1st to 4th year

Tuition Fee for School Year 2012-2013:
Kinder Two: P36,000

Mode of Payment (Kinder2):
1. Cash Payment: P36,000
2. Installment Basis (Semi-Annual) 
Upon Enrollment (Before May31) P25,000
2nd Payment (Before Oct15) P16,000

Other Expenses: books, notebook, folders, school uniform, gala, PE, graduation fee

School Facilities:
Fully air-conditioned classrooms, library, computer laboratory, covered court, AVR, science laboratory, speech laboratory, arts and music room, chapel

Other info:
1. De La Salle Supervised school.
2. Schedule of classes: Kinder2 9-11am

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