Tuesday, April 17, 2012

School Hunting in Dasmariñas City

If you’re from the South and looking for possible schools for your kiddos, this may be of help.   This post is based on my own experiences, inquiries and opinions and mostly on preschoolers and Grade 1 only as it’s my primary concern as of this time.

Holy Child Jesus Montessori
Gate 1 Villa Catalina Subd.
Dasmariñas City, Cavite
Tel. No: (046) 481-7848 / 432-0035

Holy Child has three buildings.  First is the Main Building that is located on the right side at Don P. Campos St. if you are coming from Dasmarinas Bayan and almost in front of Iglesia ni Kristo church.  The Main Building is for Nursery, Kinder 1, some Grades 1, 2 and 3 students. Second is the NKP building that is inside Villa Catalina, very near the tricycle terminal for their Kinder 2 and Prep students.  Last, the Annex Building is in Villa Luisa Phase IV used by some Grade 1-3, 4-6 and high school students.  

NKP, Grade 1-6 and High School

Tuition Fee for School Year 2011-2012 (Pre-school):
Tuition fee: P10,000
Miscellaneous fees: P6000

Mode of Payment: 
1. Cash Basis – fully payment upon enrollment or not later than May 30 of the current school year and entitled to a 10% discount.
2. Monthly – Tuition fees paid every 5th of the month.

Other info:
1. It’s a school in a subdivision.  If you’re living nearby, safety is okay.
2. Traditional school. 
3. Nursery is for 3yo kids and first timers in school.  Kinder1 is for 4yo kids and first timers in school. Kinder2 is for kids who had Nursery. Prep is for 5-5 ½ yo who had either Kinder1 or Kinder2.  Kinder1 students may skip Kinder2 if they are well performing in school and will take the Summer Enrichment Program.
4. For Nursery and Kinder, there are assistant teachers for each class.
5. NKP schedule of classes: 8-10am, 10:30am-12:30pm, 1 to 3pm
6. Books and notebooks are bought in school.
7. All classrooms are air conditioned.
8. Science subject is offered starting Grade 4.
9. For the facilities, each of the buildings has a small canteen.  All offices are in the Annex Building including the gymnasium at the rooftop where school events are made.
10. No tuition fee increase of school year 2012 – 2013.

Vel Maris School
Km30 E. Aguinaldo Hi-way
Dasmariñas, Cavite
Tel. No: (046) 416-4563/416-3272

Vel Maris is located along Aguinaldo Hi-way, coming from Manila, it’s located on the left side after Meralco Dasma.  

Pre-School, Complete Elementary and Secondary

Tuition Fee for School Year 2011-2012:
Pre-School & Grade 1:
Tuition Fee:   P22,500
Other Fees: P1905,00
Total: P34,195

Grade 2-6:
Tuition Fee:   P21,675
Other Fees: P1570,00
Total: P33,035

1st Year:
Tuition Fee:   P21,175
Other Fees: P1035,00
Total: P33,000

2nd Year to 4th Year:
Tuition Fee:   P21,675
Other Fees: P1035,00
Total: P32,500

Mode of Payment: 
1. Full Payment - entitled to a 10% discount
2. Semestral – Miscellaneous and other fees upon enrollment; tuition fees to be paid by June and December of current school year.  Entitled to a 5% discount.
3. Monthly – Miscellaneous and other fees upon enrollment; tuition fees to be paid every month of the current school year.

School Facilities:
Chapel, Library, HE, Medical/Dental Clinic, Computer Laboratories, Guidance Office, School Laboratories, AV Room, Speech Laboratory, Printing Rooms, Transport Services, Security Services, Canteens, Lockers, Basketball Court, Amphitheater, Student Lounge, Playground, Parking Area, Tutorial Services
basketball court

HS building



Other info:
1. Traditional school. 
2. Schedule of classes: NKP 8-11am; Grade1 7am-1pm
3. Books are bought in school.  I’m not sure of the notebooks. Uniforms may or may not be bought in school.
4. Science subject is offered starting preschool.
5. Stickers for cars can be bought for P200 that is valid for the current school year.

St. Francis School
Langkaan, Dasmariñas, Cavite
Tel. No: (046) 402-1098/1328

St. Francis School is at the right side if you’re going to Trece Martires at Governor’s Drive from Robinson’s Dasma.  It’s located before FCIE.

Kinder 1 & 2, Grade School – Grades 1-6, High School – 1st to 4th year

Tuition Fee for School Year 2012-2013:
Kinder Two: P36,000

Mode of Payment (Kinder2):
1. Cash Payment: P36,000
2. Installment Basis (Semi-Annual) 
Upon Enrollment (Before May31) P25,000
2nd Payment (Before Oct15) P16,000

Other Expenses: books, notebook, folders, school uniform, gala, PE, graduation fee

School Facilities:
Fully air-conditioned classrooms, library, computer laboratory, covered court, AVR, science laboratory, speech laboratory, arts and music room, chapel

Other info:
1. De La Salle Supervised school.
2. Schedule of classes: Kinder2 9-11am


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