Sunday, June 17, 2012

SAHM no more

I blogged early this month that it is now 15 years that I am in the corporate world. And because of fast events in my previous company, I immediately became an SAHM.  I have no regrets.  I have wanted to become one.  I have accepted the fact that I cannot be one permanently.  I enjoyed this chance.

For three weeks that I stayed at home, I accomplished several things:
     1. Two dental visits for cleaning and filling.

     2. Eye check-up.  I was finally able to purchase contact lenses.

     3. Ear check-up.  Nothing is wrong with my ears.  I just had them checked for there might be some impacted cerumen.

     4. Job hunting.  I did this online.  I had gone several examinations and interviews.

     5. Since I got an offer from item #4, I prepared the pre-employment requirements – NBI clearance, re-applied for SSS ID replacement, changed my home RDO for my TIN, and others.

     6. General house cleaning.  Disposed old clothes, old shoes, defective appliances, and others.

     7. Yaya hunting.  Our household help left last April so we looked for a replacement.  This is one is the hardest from the tasks I did.  I’m crossing my fingers if the one we got from an agency is good.

     8. Finish a 500pcs jigsaw puzzle and 50% done on the second puzzle.

     9. I have not finished, but I continued my Last Supper cross stitch project.

     10. I personally attended to the needs of my son, accompanied him to school and fetched him.

     11. Tried to improve my cooking skills for hubby.

There are still several items to do in my list.  At least, I have accomplished much already. 

My SHAM stint was short but very productive.  For now, I am wishing myself good luck on my new work tomorrow.  Everything is ready including me! :)


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