Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Recognition Day Observations

I’ve been to many Recognition Days when I was growing up.  This year is different as it is my first time to attend a recognition day as a parent.  My kid is one of the kids recognized for academic excellence.  I am a proud mom and hubby too that we took off from work to be on this occasion.

Here are some observations/suggestions:

For teachers:
  • Research and practice everything you have to say.  You don't have to pretend you're slang when you're not.  You somewhat represent your school and one way to promote the quality of education in your school is through the teachers.
  • As far as I know and if my memory serves it right, the Philippine National Anthem is a 4 by 4 beat.  But seeing the teacher conducting Lupang Hinirang, she did a 2 by 4 beat.
For parents:
  • Dress appropriately.  For me, wearing shorts is unacceptable as it is not a swimming event.
  • Cooperate.  Follow instructions when and where to take pictures.


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