Sunday, April 15, 2012

We Can Be Anything by: Apl de Ap

It's been a week now that I’m having an LSS (Last song syndrome) over Apl de Ap’s We Can Be Anything.  I heard it first time in a Moving Up ceremony wherein the song was used as the kid’s graduation song and I loved it instantly.  The song is so inspiring, makes you dream, get an education and be a professional.  It made me recall my younger years; all I wanted then was to graduate from college and land a job I dreamed of and free up my parents from expenses, at least for me.

I am proud of Apl de Ap that despite of being big in the international music world, he looks back to his homeland to help and he’s proud of himself being a Pinoy. Thumbs up to you, Apl de Ap!

Watch the music video: 


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