Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I Like and Dislike About Facebook

I joined Facebook in 2008 (Thanks to timeline!). For the past four years, I have seen the changes and upgrades.  Users evolve as FB evolves.  From these, I like and dislike some things about Facebook.

I like FB because ..
.. there is opportunity to connect to families and friends abroad and to those who you cannot see all the time.  My siblings are OFWs and get to follow my son’s developments and activities through the pictures I post.  I also took advantage of FB to reconnect to family members that are not so close.  Chatting with them and through my and their updates make me feel closer to them in some ways.

.. you get the chance to greet friends during important occasions without spending much for phone calls.  Though it would be more personal if you greet them personally.  

.. you get the chance to know the news.  Many users are very prompt in posting pictures or updates when there are storms, no classes announcement, and the like and even news of mall sales.

.. you get to know the latest trends for gadgets and fashion.

.. you get to learn new travel destinations and tips.

.. you get a chance to be an entrepreneur.  You can sell some items to friends or announce that you are selling some items.

I dislike FB because ..
.. there are some users are never invisible.  They are those who keep on checking in wherever they go even when they are just buying at a fast food or waiting for a shuttle to go home.  For me, why are they making a big deal out of it when nothing is happening uniquely on their activities?

.. there are users who never chooses pictures to post.  One should evaluate if photos to post are pleasing to the eyes of the viewers.  Imagine yourself as the viewer; of course you don’t want to see blurred pictures or pictures that have not been rotated properly.  I myself do not want to see pictures of gallstones after a cholecystectomy procedure or pictures while one is giving birth normally with all the blood and almost showing sensitive parts. 

.. it’s becoming a venue to show off what you have.  Some things should not be discussed online most especially its money matters.  For me, users should not talk about how much is his new mobile phone or house online. 

.. some uses FB to outburst their emotions.  There are times that one has conflicts with friends, at work or within the family and uses FB to release what they feel or make “parinig” to other persons.  For me, issues and differences should be talked about outside FB, better if conducted and resolved in a meeting.

Though there are things I dislike about Facebook, I still continue to use it.  I am taking the advantages of it and I make myself a responsible user.


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