Monday, May 14, 2012

Learn How to Swim at Jardin de Dasmariñas

For this summer, my hubby and I enrolled 5 year old kid in the Swimming Clinic at Jardin de Dasmariñas Resort.  He had the Water Safety or the Toddlers course.  The class is for 10 days and 1 hour per session.

There are eight students for the class and two to three coaches for each session.  We were asked to buy goggles and kick board. 

On the first day, all the kids were given floaters and had water familiarization.  They let kids enjoy and play in the water and a little bubbling exercise.  For the succeeding days, they practiced the bubbling, breathing, floating and kicking until they became good at it.

Now that the course is done, I can say that my kid became not really a good swimmer but he knows the basics.  He now enjoys the water and loves it!  

My realization for this activity is that my son may be fast learner in school or in other things but to some other activities it takes some time for him to learn.  It might challenge the trainer on how he would make him learn but he’ll definitely learn.  It just takes time.

We will definitely enroll him again next summer.  Thanks to this summer clinic, my kid enjoyed summer!


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