Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rant: Cavite Traffic

Yesterday, May 28, Monday was terribly traffic in Cavite! The cause --- dry run of ‘roundabout scheme’ in Aguinaldo Highway corner New Molino Road.

I usually leave our house in Dasmariñas City at 8:30AM and expected to be in Makati after 2 hours.  Now that it’s summer and no classes yet, I am enjoying the 1 ½ hour travel time every morning and 2 hours travel time going home via Erjohn bus with Ayala route.  

Today, I left the house minutes after 8:30AM and got off the bus before 9AM.  I reached Makati at 12:45PM!!! That was almost four hour trip!  I have able to pray the rosary and my St. Pio novena, completed my sleep, listed down my things to do and pay, added birthdays in my mobile calendar, read several chapters in a pocketbook from my bag, ate biscuits, retouched my makeup, combed my hair several times and chatted with my fellow passengers during my trip.  I was tempted to play games in my mobile phone but I was reserving my battery.  

Going home, I decided not to ride the bus that I usually do.  I rode the UV Express van from a parking terminal in Makati up to Imus.  I left Makati by 5:00 in the afternoon.  By the time I reached Coastal Road, the end of traffic was a few meters after the tollgate.  Imagine that! After passing St Dominic, the traffic was so clear!

It was relief for me and many others I suppose, when Maynilad finished the pipe-laying project in Aguinaldo Highway.  Traffic was horrible during that time.  I even do not like to go to work by just thinking of the traffic and stress I had to go through.  I was expecting a heavier traffic next week as classes begin.  I was really surprised of this new event in Cavite!

I really hope the plan to have a roundabout or rotonda to us will not push through.  The roads are too small for the volume of vehicles passing and a roundabout will just consume space instead of making use of it.  I hope officials will study carefully the advantages and disadvantages of the plan.  I support Bacoor to their goal for cityhood but for me the roundabout will not be beneficial and will not add any impact to the cityhood.  For me, it will be just another venue to post and display the Revilla name!


boycotttaro said...

Please sign and promote this petition to abolish the buhos system being implemented in Bacoor Cavite. If you have experienced the traffic here you know how it feels to travel 2-3 plus hours on a 45 minutes journey.


We deserve better than this!

Gracie Borlagdan said...

i agree. im from gen trias cavite and everytime i go to work at night then go home by morning i ended with their "buhos system". my travel time usually takes 2hours everyday and that aint funny. road widening is not enough to acommodate large volumes of vehicles going in & out of cavite.

i signed the petition. im going to post this on fb to have more signatures.

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