Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Quezon Province Favorite Foods

I am not preggy but my taste buds are recently craving for my favorite foods in Quezon Province, the foods that I grew up with.  I would like to eat any of the following (asap! :)):

Budin (Cassava Cake)
My favorite afternoon snack since I was a kid.  A mom usually brings home plenty of this from the market every weekend.  I like its softness and creaminess.  I like the edges of the cassava cake though they are usually dark, they are sweet.

Broas (Ladyfinger)
I remember when I was a kid, it was popular every Christmas season.  But now, they are readily available anywhere in Quezon even in the leading supermarkets.  

Pansit Lucban (Pansit Habhab)
Pansit Lucban is my favorite merienda after school.  It is popularly known as pansit habhab since it is placed in banana leaves and eaten without spoon and fork.  It is best when poured with vinegar.

This is so sweet but I love to eat this while chitchatting with my cousins. 

Thanks to Buddy's, I will eat pansit habhab tonight! Yehey! :)


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