Sunday, May 13, 2012

Three Decades and Six

I turned 36 years old yesterday!  

Four more years and I'll be 40! I feel so old, really! I know it's just a number.   But realizing that I am getting older, I am becoming more afraid of getting sick and dying without finishing my responsibilities here on earth.

There were no party, no balloons, no cakes, no flowers, and no gifts! My kid was even asking, why there was no cake! Our family had a very simple celebration.  We ate out and had mass.  I got my wish of visiting Padre Pio Chapel in Libis and being with my family made my day special.  I did not take pictures at Padre Pio Chapel.  I was shy to distract people who are praying.  The place is so peaceful and sacred.  We lined up and pray to the life size St. Pio image.  There were so many testimonies of people who prayed to the saint and were granted that made me really believe that my prayers will be granted too.

My birthday wishes:

  • To be healthy and live decades longer than my parents did for me to fulfill my duties as a mom and as a wife.
  • For me not to lose my source of income as this is where I mainly get the means for our living.
  • For our family to have another baby!

I pray to God that He will grant me everything that is best for me and my family!

Happy Birthday to me! :) Thanks to everyone who remembered and greeted me on this special day.  Thanks for the wonderful wishes.


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