Thursday, May 10, 2012

What Makes A Mother?

I got this from Facebook.  You might want to join and get a token for your mom on Mother's Day.

I am not joining the contest.  My mom is in heaven since 2000 after her battle with cancer.  Though she is not here anymore, I still would like to answer the question in my blog: What’s make a mother?

Being a mom entails a lot of sacrifice.  I know my mom loved all of us her three children from the day we were conceived until her last breathe and I believe she is still loving and watching over us from heaven.  My mom took care of us, sacrificed her own career to be with us and then went back to work to help my dad finance our education.  We grew up with household up.  Before going to work, she would wake up early in the morning and prepare our needs for school.  My mom who was a teacher and a guidance counselor at the same time would accept several teaching loads and finish work so late.  During the weekends, she does the laundry; go to the market, groceries, and others.  She guides us her children with our assignments and projects in school.  I remember my mom would do reviewers for us during examination days. 

She was not only a mother of us but also for mother for so other people, her students, co-teachers, nephews and nieces.  She was a favorite principal sponsor for weddings of everyone she knew.

After my graduation from college and gotten my first job, I wanted my mom to enjoy her income for herself and not to support me financially anymore.  She travelled, enjoyed her life, bought things she needed, repaired our house, everything she’d like. 

But she haven’t enjoyed much, she got sick and eventually passed away.  I know she does not want to leave us and was thinking of us her children.  We assured her that she and my dad rose us up very well and we can handle the situation.

Now that I am already a mom also, she remains to be my inspiration.  Her words and advices are still vivid in my mind up to this day.  Everything that I have learned from my mom and my dad too are my guidance in raising my kid.  I know they are guiding me from up there.  I hope I can be like my mom, the best mom that I can ever be.

How I'd wish my Mom is alive and double celebrate Mother's Day and our birthdays!


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